Pianos for Hire

 Simply the best for hire pianos....... from Helga Eshelby

Are you taking piano lessons and need a piano at home so that you can practice whenever you feel like it? Are you frustrated that as an accomplished pianist you have no piano in your home? What if you were to spend a large sum of money for a piano only to lose interest after a while.

The most cost effective way to solve the above problems is simply to hire a piano from us, Helga Eshelby Hire Pianos. Here's how: You simply choose a piano from the photos on this site. If you don't like any of them, we have more in stock. You keep the piano for as long as you want, there's no fixed period so when you decide that playing a piano is no longer a part of your life for any reason, you just call us and we come and collect it. No hassles and no fuss. So, just choose any of the pianos you see on this site, contact us, and we’ll deliver at your convenience.

Here are the details:

You hire the piano of your choice for R350 per month plus a delivery charge of R 800.

R800 is to be paid into our account prior to delivery. This pays for transport costs to your residence and includes the first month’s hire fee. (Please note that this is not a deposit)  At the end of the hire period, there will be a collection charge of R 800.

Thereafter, a monthly charge of R 350 is to be paid in advance for each month’s hire and is to reach us before the seventh day of each month. A Stop or Debit order is preferable.

Please note: after you have hired the piano for  1 year, there will be a free tuning.

 We will send you a hire agreement and after you complete and return it to us, with the initial payment, the piano will be delivered at your convenience.

 That's it, just contact us, sign the Agreement, pay the delivery fee, choose a piano, and we deliver it to your home at your convenience. It's as simple as that.

Our piano workshop at Winsome Valley, near Lanseria. (See Our Location Map page)