Pianos for Hire from Helga

Helga will be only too happy to send you photos and descriptions of the other pianos she currently holds in stock that are not presently displayed on this page. Her contact information is on the right of this page, or you can click on the Contact Us link above.   


HRE 13 Zeither & Winkelmann

Grand Piano in Rosewood casing.

Production started in Braunschweig, Germany in 1837.

In 1851, Friedrich Zeither established the crossing of the strings and the steel frame.

Launch price: R 2,500.00

Monthly charge: R 750.00

HRE 26: Wagner

German Upright piano.

Sapeli with shaped legs.

Width 1.57 m

Height 1.28 m

Depth 81 cm

HJG 44: Rud.I. Bach.Sohn                               

Ser.no: 554-2584


Height 1.30 m

Width 1.44 m

Depth 65 cm

HRE 44: F. Geissler. Zeitz (RHODEX)

Ser.no: 13039

Burr walnut with straight carved legs.

Very ornate with baseplate for candlestick.

A three-panel top with faded flower inlays.

Height 1.51 m

Width 1.50 m

Depth 88cm

HJG 102: Steuer

Upright piano with matching stool.

Serial number: 10583.

German made; this piano has a mahogany casing and carvings on its top panel.

It is a rather tall piano,

Approximately 1.25 m high. 

HJG 113: Bernhard Steiner

Upright Pianoforte with matching stool.

Serial number: 01255/14678.

This piano has a dark rosewood casing with three divisions in its top panels.

Height 1 m 34 cm

Width 1 m 54 cm,

Depth 63 cm.